Research methods

Market research revolves around the collection of data and the care and meticulousness that MAS Research applies to it.

We consult with you to select the most appropriate tools according to your objectives, time frame and budget.

In terms of quantitative research, we offer

  • Online surveys - Computer-Aided Web Interviewing (CAWI)
  • Telephone surveys - Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • Face-to-face conversations
  • Mail surveys - questionnaires on paper
  • Ad-hoc panels

In terms of qualitative research, we offer

  • Group or panel discussions with experienced moderators
  • In-depth interviews with skilled interviewers
  • Structured one-to-one interviews

Our expertise lies in the following research areas:

Opinion polling (needs and behaviour) and population studies
Satisfaction surveys
Communication research
Market segmentation studies
Brand positioning studies


To maintain control over the entire research process as much as possible, we keep most of our activities in-house, including:

programming the online questionnaires with the appropriate routing;

conducting telephone surveys in our call centre;

working with our experienced discussion moderators,

an established team of poll takers, etc.


The final stage of a study involves an in-depth analysis and the correct interpretation of the data, leading to a clear synthesis with nuanced conclusions we are prepared to take a position on, if necessary.

We present the results in clear dashboards to provide a permanent view of the evolution of the study, both during and after.

To that end, we create personalised dashboards that allow you to:  

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