Research methods

Central to market research is the collection of data and the care and rigour MAS Research
devotes to it.

In consultation with you, the client, we choose the most adequate tools according to your objectives, timing and budget.

Some of the quantitative methods we offer:

  • Online surveys (via panel or database)
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Post-to-web surveys (invitation by post for online participation + possibly a paper questionnaire)
  • Mail surveys - questionnaires on paper
  • Observations
  • ...

Some qualitative methods we offer:

  • Group or panel discussions (physical and online)
  • In-depth interviews (physical and online)
  • ...

Our expertise includes, among others, the following research areas:

Opinion research (representative samples)
Satisfaction surveys
Customer surveys
Communication research (pre- and post-test)


In order to monitor the entire research process as closely as possible, many aspects of the research are done 'in-house'.

Questionnaires are prepared and tested by our researchers, our IT expert programs the questionnaires, fieldwork is planned and monitored by our project managers, interviewers are briefed personally.


The final part of a survey is analysing the data in depth and interpreting the results correctly. This leads to a clear synthesis in a visual report with conclusions, insights and recommendations.

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